Green Plus for Diesel


Green Plus for Diesel

Green PlusĀ© Diesel fuel saver is patented liquid catalyst, that was created by environmental leader, Biofriendly Corporation. This revolutionary product is currently in use by some of the largest oil companies in the world to meet government mandated emissions standards. Initially developed as a green solution to reduce the pollution in the air, this catalyst also has the unique characteristic of improving fuel economy. Green Plus is unlike any other additive solution in that it works at the molecular level to achieve it’s aims, and because it has been proven effective by government certified labs on five continents.

All in all, Green Plus is the world’s most effective and economical solution to save money, while going green.

Features and Benefits

Proven to reduce diesel emissions by up to 53%.
Proven to improve engine power by up to 11%.
Proven to increase fuel economy by 6%.
Already in use by large shipping, trucking and oil companies worldwide, now finally available to the public.


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