Tackling Air Pollution

Biofriendly Corporation was formed with the purpose of helping the planet solve the global problem of air pollution. We live in a world that continues to bloom technologically and the need for electricity, shipping services and high-speed transportation has never been greater. Unfortunately, this still creates more and more pollution despite the worldwide effort to move toward renewable fuels and energy.

That’s where we come in.


Biofriendly was founded by Bob, Bill and Noel Carroll. These Australian inventors and businessmen made a name for themselves by inventing the Vortoil Oil/Water Separator, which has been keeping the water clean around oil platforms across the globe since the 1980’s. After selling that technology to Dupont Conoco, the Carrolls moved their attention to air pollution and along with a world class team of scientists and engineers developed Green Plus® fuel enhancer.

About Green Plus

Since its invention and development, Green Plus has been proven to significantly reduce CO2, NOx, carbon monoxide, particulate matter and sulfur-based emissions. The product has been tested by world-class labs on five continents and is now being used by many of the largest oil companies in the world in order to exceed ever-tightening emissions regulations.

To date, over 20 years after its invention, Green Plus has been used for over 20 billion miles and has reduced over 2 million pounds of smog-forming NOemissions. Hopefully as a planet, we can find a way to produce 100% clean energy and pollution-free transportation and shipping solutions, but until that day comes, Biofriendly will work tirelessly to improve the quality of the fuel we have.