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Biofriendly was founded in 1999 to combat the worldwide problem of air pollution. Since that day Biofriendly has expanded its purpose to include all aspects of environmentalism, with the specific goal of making the topic more accessible and easier for anyone to adopt. To that end we have two major projects, Green Plus and Biofriendly Planet which can be previewed below.
The world's first UN eco-labeled, energy transition fuel technology. Green Plus® fuel catalyst has been used to reduce air pollution for over two decades.


Over 11 billion gallons treated

Over 8 billion tons of CO2 reduced

Over 10,000 hours of certified testing

Everything you need to know about the environment without any of the brow-beating or negativity. An e-magazine that is fun, entertaining and good for the planet.


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Biofriendly began in 1999 as the passion project of the Carroll Brothers, three Australian inventors and businessmen, who sealed their place as environmentalists when they invented the Vortoil Oil/Water Separator, which helped to protect countless marine species affected by contamination from offshore oil platforms. Since its founding, Biofriendly has been joined by some of the world's brightest minds in business, science, engineering, entertainment and environmentalism and the results speak for themselves. Click here to find out more.

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Biofriendly makes it a point to support other green organizations that are making a difference to the planet. To learn more about them, please click on the logos below.
Biofriendly Proudly Supports the Arbor Day Foundation
Biofriendly is proud to support the Delek fund for hope
Biofriendly proudly supports Ocean Conservancy
Biofriendly is a proud supporter of Well Aware
Biofriendly proudly supports WIRES Australian wildlife rescue organization
Biofriendly is proud to support the World Wildlife Fund
We hope that you will consider supporting these wonderful groups too.

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