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Biofriendly Relocates Manufacturing HQ to Help Reduce Carbon Footprint

In order to lower transportation emissions for the shipment of Green Plus®, Biofriendly moves their manufacturing facility to Texas

PASADENA, Calif. – Sept, 2022 – Biofriendly, a green solutions company, recently performed a carbon emissions audit regarding their global product shipments of their emission reducing additive, Green Plus.

The company, founded in California, has operated from the west coast since its inception in 2001, but by relocating their manufacturing facility to Texas they have reduced transportation related carbon emissions by 98%. Not only does this move improve access to the Texas Low Emission Diesel market, but it also reduces the carbon impact of its shipments to Latin America. The new facility is larger in size and allows for greater capacity of the production of Green Plus, since Biofriendly has more than doubled the amount of fuel it has treated since the new management took over in 2018.

“Since the majority of our U.S. business sells Green Plus to customers in Texas, it made the most sense to transition the manufacturing facility closer to our distribution network,” says Michael Carroll, Chief Technology Officer of Biofriendly. “Now that our primary business is in our backyard, we can continue to support customers while significantly keeping our transportation costs low and improve air quality.”

The move is a strategic result of Biofriendly’s more proactive approach of transitioning current business practices into a more environmentally sustainable company. Biofriendly partner facilities in Mexico and Brazil are already U.N. zero-waste certified. This is the first of many steps for Biofriendly to go zero-waste and zero-emissions in the United States as well.

About Biofriendly Corporation

Biofriendly Corporation was founded with the express purpose of solving the world’s air quality problems. To that end, the company introduced Green Plus smog reducer to the market. Twenty years later, Green Plus has cleaned over 14.8 billion gallons of fuel and removed enough pollution to take the equivalent of a 270-mile lineup of cars off the road every year. Biofriendly continues its commitment to reducing air pollution worldwide, but has expanded its purpose toward green education, investment, and environmental solutions for the future of the planet.

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