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Michael Carroll

As Chief Technology Officer for Biofriendly, Michael Carroll oversees the production, quality control, testing, and technical aspects for Green Plus. He is also responsible for the development, testing and production of all future products for the company. Mr. Carroll works with various international and government agencies including the US EPA and TCEQ to obtain product approvals and licenses. Michael is also one of the inventors of Green Plus.

In addition to Green Plus, Carroll helped Titan Oil Recovery, develop its micro-droplet technology that recovers substantial amounts of oil trapped in the ground. By increasing the production of existing wells, Titan can reduce the drilling necessary for new wells, which has a huge positive impact on the environment. Continuing with his passion for producing sustainable energy and power, Carroll is also the founder of HeliosAltas, where he helped to develop hydroelectric water wheels that convert moving water into mechanical power, producing four times the amount of power of a solar generation system or windmills. Carroll has over a dozen patents and counting.