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Chief Scientist

Dr. Colin Hill, Ph.D

Colin Hill has been with Biofriendly since its founding in 1999. He has advised on and often led research and development at Biofriendly since its inception and has been instrumental in bringing the ideas of the Carroll brothers to fruition while also upholding strict standards of scientific excellence. He manages the regulatory stance of the company with regard to the EPA and TxLED programs to which the company complies. More recently he works with Biofriendly in engineering innovations to keep the company producing next generation green-tech backed by next generation science.

Dr. Hill’s career has been more than eventful since earning his PhD. in biochemistry and Radiation Biology at CERN (the European Center for High Energy Physics) in Geneva and Brunel University. Spanning forty-five years of experience in active research and development in radiation and cancer biology as well as in microbiology and immunology. Dr. Hill has 106, peer reviewed and published papers, has received nine patents (with more pending) and has presented at 143 national and international meetings in cancer and radiation biology.