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Chairman of the Board

Jose Niño

Jose Niño became Biofriendly’s Chairman in 2019. A lifelong environmentalist and minority rights activist, Mr. Niño uses his extensive relationships in Washington D.C., to represent the environment and minority small business rights on behalf of Biofriendly. He is the leading voice behind the US Low Emission Diesel Program, a measure that could reduce 7% of carbon emissions from diesel by 2022.

Mr. Niño has many years of experience working with entrepreneurs, the federal government, and US corporations owned and operated by ethnic communities. As a founding member and President/CEO of the US Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, he expanded the organization from less than 30 Chambers to over 258, representing the interest of more than 1.3 million US Hispanic owned businesses. He is currently the Chairman of the Mid-Atlantic Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Board member of the US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, an Advisory Member for Hispanics in Energy and serves on the National Executive Committee of the Boy Scouts of America. He is also the Volunteer Executive Director for One World Literacy Foundation.