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Noel Carroll

Noel Carroll took the helm of Biofriendly in March of 2018. As its Chief Executive Officer, Carroll focuses on modernizing the company and pushing it toward a leadership role in the environmental community. Passionate about the environment, he is doing this by widening the focus of the company from its flagship product (Green Plus) to a broader organization that educates, invests in and promotes a greener planet.


A lifelong soccer player, Noel Carroll made his start in business by founding the online soccer goal manufacturer, Duralite Soccer Goals. The social media marketing and promotional techniques he developed, grew that business into the largest, web-based soccer goal manufacturer in the United States at that time. These same techniques opened a backdoor into the entertainment industry when Carroll, co-founded and ran Good Cops Entertainment. Under his guidance the ‘Good Cops’ produced three hit web series and an award-winning feature film, working with companies such as Warner Brothers, Machinima and Shoreline Entertainment.