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Biofriendly Chairman of the Board José Niño Joins Board of Directors for Hispanics in Energy

Esteemed Environmentalist Appointed to Help Non-Profit Go Greener

Pasadena, CA (August 31, 2021) — Biofriendly’s Chairman of The Board, José Niño has been elected to serve on the Board of Directors for Hispanics in Energy. Niño’s experience at Biofriendly, a company dedicated to helping solve the world’s environmental problems, make him well equipped to tackle the Hispanics in Energy’s desire to go greener.

“It is an honor to join the Board of Directors for an organization I hold dear to my heart that works to include the Hispanic Community into the crucial sector of environmental business,” said José Niño.  

A lifelong activist and environmentalist, Niño previously served as an advisor to the organization for many years. In addition, he was a founding member and CEO of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, where he grew the organization to 258 Chambers that worked to represent over 1.3 million Hispanic-owned businesses throughout the United States.

“We are so thrilled to have such an expert in the field of clean energy join the team to further inspire the Hispanic community,” said José L Pérez, Chairman and CEO of Hispanics in Energy. “Working to integrate Hispanics into new and crucial developments in sustainable energy is pivotal for our organization, and Jose will be an incredible asset with his combined passion for the environment and minority rights.”

Founded in 2012, Hispanics in Energy (HIE) is a community-driven, non-profit organization designed to facilitate Hispanic inclusion in America’s energy industry. It is an asset to the energy industry, utility companies, municipalities, as well as elected or appointed officials with oversight leadership of energy-associated policies and practices, and communities on energy matters pertaining to: Public Policy, Governance, Employment, Procurement, Philanthropy, Customer Service and Marketing.

About Biofriendly Corporation

Biofriendly Corporation was founded with the express purpose of solving the world’s air quality problems. To that end, the company introduced Green Plus® smog reducer to the market. Twenty years later, Green Plus has cleaned over 11 billion gallons of fuel and removed enough pollution to take the equivalent of a 200-mile lineup of cars off the road every year. Biofriendly continues its commitment to reducing air pollution worldwide, but has expanded its purpose toward green education, investment and environmental solutions for the future of the planet.

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