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Biofriendly Corporation Ceases Discussions with Swiss Biofriendly Consulting GmbH

Biofriendly cuts all ties with Gerd Fraeulein and Swiss Biofriendly Consulting GmbH citing poor performance and trademark violations.

May 9, 2016, Baldwin Park, CA – Biofriendly Corporation announced today that it has ceased all discussions of consultation, representation or distribution with Swiss Biofriendly Consulting GmbH. Biofriendly has also formerly demanded that Swiss consulting firm cease its premature marketing and sales efforts with regard to Green Plus® fuel enhancer and to cease using Biofriendly’s trademarks. The two sides were far apart in agreement talks and Biofriendly made the decision to formally end discussions when it learned that Swiss Biofriendly Consulting GmbH had already represented itself as the exclusive distributor of Green Plus in Europe despite not having the permission to do so.

“We learned that they had been sending out purported samples of Green Plus and using our trademarks and test results to make sales. But negotiations broke down months ago and they don’t have a distribution agreement and therefore are not authorized to sell Green Plus”, stated Bob Carroll, Chairman and CEO of Biofriendly Corporation.

Mr. Carroll continued by stating that Biofriendly has no interest in reopening discussions with Gerd Fraeulein or Swiss Biofriendly Consulting GmbH and will look elsewhere to find authorized distributors in Europe.

About Biofriendly Corporation and Green Plus

Under development for over 20 years, Green Plus fuel enhancer achieves a breakthrough combination of reduced emissions and improved fuel economy. Green Plus is added in very small quantities to fuel in order to create a more complete and more rapidly progressing burn. The product has undergone rigorous testing in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia. It now has over 16 billion miles (24 billion kilometers) of on-road/on-ocean use. Green Plus is available commercially worldwide.

Green Plus is designed for use in diesel, gasoline and other hydrocarbon-based fuels. This patented product was invented by the same innovators who created Vortoil, the award-winning oil-water separator for offshore oil production. For more information, please visit

Noel Carroll, Biofriendly Corporation USA (626) 859-5000 ext. 205 email: [email protected]

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