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Biofriendly Introduces New Brand Logo for Biofriendly Planet to Revitalize Environmental Awareness

Green solutions company releases new logo, interactive features and website upgrades to enhance the consumer experience and educate the masses

Los Angeles, CA (April 1, 2021) – Biofriendly announced major upgrades to the brand’s Biofriendly Planet logo and website as the green solutions company looks to create a haven for everyone from environmentalists to the average person looking to make the world a better place. This is the latest in a series of changes to freshen up the company and launch its new era of broader environmental responsibility.

“Our original claim to fame had us focusing entirely on our pollution-reducing product, Green Plus® energy transition fuel,” said Noel Carroll, CEO of Biofriendly. “Creating a new Biofriendly Planet logo, adding new content and web design elements, we hope to highlight our attention shift from just reducing air pollution to the much broader concept of helping the environment. We can’t wait to see how the public responds to these exciting enhancements.”  

The new planetary logo replaces the previous circular arrows to embrace a more unifying, global message that utilizes the ring to hug the company’s name and our planet.

Website upgrades include four new columns designed to bring a positive light and humorous spin on the sometimes-harsh reality of the environmental world. The News Section is the one-stop destination for everything Biofriendly. Visit the Humor Section for a daily dose of environmental humor, the Weekly Tuesday Tips for sharing green ideas through creative illustrations and art, and Monthly Biofriendly DIY column for easy, personal green choices anyone can accomplish on their own.

Along with the Biofriendly Planet overhaul, the company has revamped their main company site at with a stylish look to match, as well as creating a separate site to house all things Green Plusat

Visit to explore the new additions and find easy access to the new  Biofriendly Planet:, and the Green Plus: sites.

About Biofriendly Corporation

Biofriendly Corporation was founded with the express purpose of solving the world’s air quality problems. To that end, the company introduced Green Plus® smog reducer to the market. Twenty years later, Green Plus has cleaned over 12.5 billion gallons of fuel and removed enough pollution to take the equivalent of a 200-mile lineup of cars off the road every year. Biofriendly continues its commitment to reducing air pollution worldwide, but has expanded its purpose toward green education, investment and environmental solutions for the future of the planet.

For more information, visit For environmental information and green tips, visit Biofriendly’s e-magazine at, learn about Green Plus at, listen to the Biofriendly Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and YouTube.

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