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Gasoline Test Results

California Environmental Engineering (CEE)

California Environmental Engineering or CEE is a California Air Resources Board (CARB) and EPA-accepted laboratory. Green Plus was tested by CEE in a 1991 4.9 liter Cadillac Sedan. The results of the test demonstrate that Carbon Monoxide was reduced by 45.2%, Hydrocarbons by 39.9%, Nitrogen Dioxide by 9.4%.

Beijing Automobile Research Institute (BARI)

The Beijing Automobile Research Institute or BARI is a leading authority for emissions testing in China. Green Plus was tested by BARI from November of 2003 through January of 2004. The test was performed on a China FAW Passenger Car using gasoline. The results of the test show that Carbon Monoxide was reduced by 29.7%, Hydrocarbons by 27.9%, Nitrogen Dioxide by 28.2%, and Carbon Dioxide by 10%.

Ford Aveley Laboratory

Green Plus was tested at Ford Motor Company’s Aveley Emissions Laboratory in the United Kingdom. This test was conducted on a twelve year old 1.6L Ford Escort gasoline wagon. The result of this test was an overall improvement in fuel economy of 9%.