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Biofriendly Entrusts BLAZE Public Relations To Help In Their Powerful Mission To Save The Environment One Step At A Time

LOS ANGELES (March 12, 2020) – BLAZE Public Relations, a Santa Monica-based PR agency that focuses on consumer lifestyle brands, is teaming up with Biofriendly Corporation, whose goal is to purify the planet and keep the environment green through their Green Plus fuel additive. Green Plus reduces the amount of energy needed for fuel to burn, resulting in fewer carbon emissions and improved vehicle performance.

Taking care of our planet is our number one goal right now.” said Noel Carroll, CEO of Biofriendly Corporation, “It is a big undertaking, and we understand that, so finding a team that can help us formulate a plan and get the word out is a huge asset.”

BLAZE will contribute to Biofriendly’s goal by promoting the company and product through creating buzz and coordinating media outreach about how Green Plus efficiently reduces CO2, NOx, carbon monoxide, various matter, and sulfur-based emission. The lifestyle agency will largely focus on educating individuals, brands and corporations about Biofriendly, Green Plus and work to correct the many misnomers that exist in the green space.

“At BLAZE PR we love helping companies who have a strong message and product that is going to benefit individuals and the world,” said Matt Kovacs, President of BLAZE PR. “Biofriendly is right up our alley and should be up everyone’s alley, too. Who doesn’t want to take care of the world?’’

BLAZE is inspired by all of the important work that Biofriendly is doing and is excited to advocate for their product.

About Biofriendly Corporation 

Biofriendly Corporation was founded with the express purpose of solving the world’s air quality problems. To that end, the company introduced Green Plus smog reducer to the market. 20 years later, Green Plus has cleaned over 11 billion gallons of fuel and removed enough pollution to take the equivalent of a 200-mile lineup of cars off the road every year. Biofriendly continues its commitment to reducing air pollution worldwide but has expanded its purpose toward green education, investment and environmental solutions for the future of the planet.

For more information, visit For environmental information and green tips, visit Biofriendly’s e-magazine at and listen to the Biofriendly Podcast on YouTube. Follow Biofriendly Planet on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.


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