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Biofriendly Granted New US EPA Registrations

November 3, 2008, Covina, CA – Biofriendly Corporation announced today that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved new EPA registrations for its Green Plus liquid combustion catalyst after an exhaustive two year review. Green Plus is a breakthrough technology that improves fuel combustion, thus reducing harmful emissions and improving fuel efficiency.

Biofriendly Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Robert W. Carroll acknowledged EPA, noting that “EPA recognized the potential value of Green Plus and worked tirelessly with Company scientists to get the product approved and into commerce.”

Biofriendly is also pleased to have fully resolved a complaint brought against it when a competitor presented false and unsubstantiated information to EPA in November 2005. The competitor’s claims were found to be baseless.

The comprehensive review by EPA also revealed an alleged error in the filing of Biofriendly’s product registration. The claim was that Biofriendly failed to properly describe all of the constituents of the Green Plus product when it was originally registered in 2001. Biofriendly strongly disputed the allegations, but in order to move forward and get back into the market as quickly as possible, the EPA and Biofriendly agreed to a consent decree settlement, allowing Biofriendly to pay a fine for the administrative dispute while admitting no liability. The EPA Registrations were certified and released and Biofriendly is now free to re-enter the market.

“This was a difficult situation for both the EPA and Biofriendly,” said Carroll, “and we are very pleased to have moved beyond this distraction and get back to what we do best-innovating to make the planet greener. Green Plus is a highly effective solution to the world’s environmental challenges. I would like to thank the members of our team and EPA for working together so effectively to make sure that no stone was left unturned while resolving this issue. We take pride in our product and in the manner in which we do business.”

About Biofriendly Corporation and Green Plus

Under development for over 15 years, Green Plus liquid fuel combustion catalyst achieves a breakthrough combination of reduced emissions and improved fuel economy. Green Plus is added in very small quantities to fuel in order to create a more complete, cooler and more linear burn. The product has undergone rigorous testing in the United States, Europe and Asia, and has over four billion miles of on-road/on-ocean use. Green Plus is now available commercially worldwide.

Green Plus is designed for use in diesel, gasoline and other hydrocarbon-based fuels. This patent-pending product with multiple US EPA Registrations was invented by the same innovators who created Vortoil, the award-winning oil-water separator for offshore oil production. For more information, please visit


Noel Carroll, Biofriendly Corporation USA (626) 859-5000 ext. 104 email: [email protected]

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