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Biofriendly Website Upgraded for Ease of Use and Increased Visibility

July 9, 2018, Baldwin Park, CA – Biofriendly Corporation revealed its newly designed, responsive website today. The website upgrade is the first in a series of moves to make Biofriendly and its flagship product, Green Plus® smog reducer more visible to the everyday consumer.

“In the past, Biofriendly has earned its stripes in the business-to-business market. We’ve been able to help a lot of oil companies and bulk fuel users reduce their carbon footprint that way and our old website was just fine for that purpose,” stated Noel Carroll, the newly minted Chief Operating Officer for the company. “But we live in a world where the individual has a real voice and can actually help to improve the things they care about. So, it only makes sense that we should make the greatest source of information about Green Plus more accessible and easier for the public to use.”

The company promises that more consumer friendly steps are to come and that further information will be announced in the coming weeks.

About Biofriendly Corporation and Green Plus 

Under development for 20 years, Green Plus smog reducer achieves a breakthrough combination of reduced emissions and improved fuel economy. Green Plus is a homogeneous catalyst that is added in very small quantities to reduce the activation energy required for combustion. The product has undergone rigorous testing in the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia and has over 20 billion miles of on-road/on-ocean use. Green Plus is available commercially worldwide.

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