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Biofriendly’s Green Plus® fuel additive Fuels the Future by Treating 1.7 Billion Gallons in 2020

The Green Solutions Company continues to push the envelope with its revolutionary Energy Transition Fuel Additive and its Educational Green Media Platform

Pasadena, CA (January 28, 2021) – Following its success in 2020, Biofriendly Corporation has cemented itself as one of the world’s leaders in reducing carbon emissions. Biofriendly saw the total number of gallons treated by Green Plus surpass 12.5 billion this year.

“As we navigated through a challenging 2020, I am so proud of how Biofriendly persevered at making it easier to go green,” said Noel Carroll, CEO of Biofriendly. “With the current landscape of issues surrounding climate change, our success with Green Plus is a shining example of how CO2 and other toxic emissions can be reduced right now. We are so excited to continue to show the world that anyone can go green as we work together to create a cleaner planet for our future.”

Biofriendly treated 1.7 billion gallons, or 6.5 billion liters of fuel just this year, and saw a 10% increase in fuel treated with Green Plus. In 2020 alone, Green Plus reduced 1,333,803 tons of CO2. This is 133,380 more tons of CO2 reduced than in 2019, despite dealing with the challenges and hardships of COVID-19.

In addition, Biofriendly saw its well-established media platform Biofriendly Planet’s viewership more than double, as well as their award-winning series The Biofriendly Podcast increase listenership by over 400%.

The company looks to create an even bigger impact in eco-conservation heading into 2021.

About Biofriendly

Biofriendly was founded with the express purpose of solving the world’s air quality problems. To that end, the company introduced Green Plus smog reducer to the market. 20 years later, Green Plus has cleaned over 12.5 billion gallons of fuel and removed enough pollution to take the equivalent of a 200-mile lineup of cars off the road every year. Biofriendly continues its commitment to reducing air pollution worldwide, but has expanded its purpose toward green education, investment and environmental solutions for the future of the planet.

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