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Noel Carroll took the helm of Biofriendly in March of 2018. As its Chief Executive Officer, Carroll focuses on modernizing the company and pushing it toward a leadership role in the environmental community.

As Chief Technology Officer for Biofriendly, Michael Carroll oversees the production, quality control, testing, and technical aspects for Green Plus. He is also responsible for the development, testing and production of all future products for the company.

Jose Niño

Chairman of the Board

Jose Niño became Biofriendly’s Chairman in 2019. A lifelong environmentalist and minority rights activist, Mr. Niño uses his extensive relationships in Washington D.C., to represent the environment and minority small business rights on behalf of Biofriendly.

Dr. Colin Hill, Ph.D

Chief Scientist

Colin Hill has been with Biofriendly since its founding in 1999. He has advised on and often led research and development at Biofriendly since its inception and has been instrumental in bringing the ideas of the Carroll brothers to fruition while also upholding strict standards of scientific excellence.

Clayton Cogswell

VP of Media Production

Clayton Cogswell joined Biofriendly in 2023 as the Vice President of Media Production. Clayton is a seasoned Hollywood filmmaker who has worked in film and television for nearly two decades.

Jacob Givens

Director of Promotion 
and Marketing

As Director of Promotion and Marketing of Biofriendly Corporation, Jacob Givens is responsible for public relations, brand awareness, and the Biofriendly Planet initiative which includes environmental education through media.

Tara McFatridge

Biofriendly Planet Magazine

As the Editor-in-Chief of Biofriendly Planet Magazine, Tara not only writes articles geared towards informing and educating readers on biofriendly and green actions they can take, she also recruits the writing staff, works with the staff to formulate informative/interesting topics, assists with resource links or photos, and edits all submitted articles.

Veronica Cobón

Director of Administration

Veronica Cobón joined Biofriendly in 2021, and has recently been promoted to the position of Director of Administration.